Wednesday, February 4, 2015


    I have been working on some new poems lately... And as many of you know, I like poetry dark, moody and depressing...LOL... Here's one I wrote yesterday, Hope it dims your day :-)


The world outside my window,
 imprisoned in a chrysalis state.
 Trees weighed down in frosted death
unable to sway in the arctic wind.
 Mountains of white crystal water
 absorb all signs of life-
 the landscape barren and grey.
Cold emptiness seeps through my pores,
 trapping me in an astral plane of regret-
 causing me to live in portraits of the past.
 In black and white strips of time streaked film
I view the dismal images of a broken life.
 Memories frozen in time
 flicker across the horizon;
like pencil sketched phantoms,
 they will haunt me through the dreary days
until the sun breaks through
the ash filled sky.



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