Thursday, January 8, 2015


    As we begin a new year, let us make the honest resolution to make it the best one it can be. One simple practice that I have begun in 2015 is to start my day out with serenity. After the morning shower I put on some calming, Zen music and just stretch my body while breathing deeply. While doing this, I focus on positive and productive thoughts instead of stressful or negative circumstances. This sets the tone for my day and I am finding that I have much more inner peace no matter what the day may bring.

    If you start your morning out by being annoyed, worrying or complaining about the day ahead; chances are, your day will be just as bitter as you assume it will be. If this habit continues, then the year ahead will be one of anxiety, agitation and more things to complain about... it will be a never ending cycle. But if you take a few moments to gather your thoughts and set the tone for your day right from the start; you will soon learn to master circumstances instead of them mastering you.

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