Monday, January 19, 2015


  I thought today I would try something different on the blog. I wanted to do a cold, psychic reading; just pull something out of the air and write it down. If anyone identifies with this reading or knows someone who does, please take the advice given or pass it on to the person who needs it. And also, please confirm that this reading was for you or someone you know in the comments below... Thank you and be blessed.

  A man named Brian or perhaps a name that is close to this... Loss, grieving, financial problems. No transportation at the moment, vehicle out of commission and no funds to repair it right now. Great turmoil. Was very close to his father; his father has passed away in recent years. Has a picture of his father in a prominent place in the living room; talks to his father's photo often. Very dark and heavy times for this man "Brian."

    Seeing father's spirit sitting near a fireplace; he is answering his son but he cannot hear him. Father is telling "Brian," that everything will be okay but there's something he needs to let go of. "Brian," is holding onto something that is weighing his life down, something of sentimental value, perhaps a family business, a house/property.... The father understands and is telling "Brian" that it's okay to release this thing. Release, let go and start to live your life again. When this is done, everything else will fall into place. "Brian feels that he has failed his father and family in some way; his father reassures him that this is not so. He is proud of his son and wants to see him happy... Release, let go and move on. The sun will rise again.


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