Tuesday, December 16, 2014


    The commercialism of the holiday season is greatly overdone, and sadly eclipses what the true meaning of what the celebration is supposed to be about. Whether we celebrate Christmas, Yule or some other winter holiday; it should be a time for personal reflection, spiritual growth, goodwill and charity towards others. That goodwill and charity can be in the form of feeding the homeless, taking a name from a wish tree and getting some meaningful gift for child whose family is in need. We can give to a reputable charity or even just light a candle and say a prayer for those who are less fortunate than ourselves. We cannot all afford to give money, but we can give of ourselves in other ways that are just as meaningful and important. A simple smile or an act of kindness can truly go a long way in another person's life.

     For those of us who like to buy gifts at this time of year, we should not let it become about the greed and spirit of want. But rather, it should be about showing our love and appreciation for those people in our lives that we love the most. I think it is human nature to want to give something or do something meaningful for those we care about deeply. I think it is a wonderful idea to have a time of year where we can celebrate and give to those who give to us all year round simply just by being in this world and enhancing our lives by being so. Those gifts can be big or small, many or few it does not matter. What matters most is the act of giving from our hearts. This giving should never be in the spirit of competition or greediness.

    Whether we call the great spirit of the universe Jesus, Osiris, god, goddess or any other name; I believe that we all commune with the same Divine Spirit. Labels are just the way in which we humans identify with something that we do not fully comprehend. But nonetheless, we should all honor that Spirit by having contemplation, prayer and reflection in its presence at this time of year, and honor one another as brothers and sisters in this world. Let love, kindness and the true spirit of giving be the light upon your path during this holiday season. And let the empty/shallow illusion of commercialism fade into our past like a vapor of smoke that should have never been conceived.