Monday, October 27, 2014


     Today's card comes from the Halloween Tarot, and is the Nine of Bats. In the regular tarot, this card would be the Nine of Swords. It is important to realize, at this point, that not all readings will pertain to all people. When doing a reading such as this on a blog, the cards will speak to a certain number of individuals who truly need to hear its message. If the reading does not apply to you, but you know someone whom it does apply to, please pass it on.

     The Nine of Bats speaks of a high anxiety level and great stress. What is keeping you up at night? What is it that haunts your mind and doesn't allow you to have peace? You are trapped in the dark night of the soul and hover with the sun below you and the moon and stars above you. The sun represents Spirit who is your greatest helper at this time. Spirit speaks to your intuition and gives you the guidance that can lead you out of the darkness. It also is the force that influences others to aid you on your path. But you are too steeped in your own sorrows to notice its influence in your life. Take your hands away from your eyes, so that you may see. Focusing on the material circumstances around you only obscures your sight to the higher ways of spirit. The moon and stars outside of the window represent the angelic realm. They illuminate the night and wish to guide you to more peaceful horizons. The cat in the card represents your spirit guide and also your higher mind; they are trying to get you to pay attention to the messages spirit is sending you. Those messages may be coming in dreams, from a trusted friend or spiritual leader, or even through something you read. Spirit speaks in many ways and leaves abundant clues for us when the road ahead is uncertain or foreboding. Learn to listen, learn to trust. The way out of the darkness is there, even if you cannot see it yet. Control your mental activity at this time, even if it is for a brief moment and look for the signs that point the way to peace and safety. You will triumph over adversity and rise like the phoenix from the ashes... In time, this will all be a distant memory.

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