Monday, September 8, 2014


    There is a higher force in the universe; I have  personally seen too many miracles, manifestations and answered prayers to doubt that such a being exists. Some may call it coincidence, but the mathematical probability for so many of these lucky coincidences in one lifetime begins to merge into the realm of  scientific impossibility. In my opinion, only the fool would say, "it is just dumb luck." For if one can believe in this blind force called luck to bring about so many specific happenings, why could he not go a step further and trust that perhaps these events were orchestrated or brought about on purpose by such a being as God?

    The formula for bringing about such manifestations? There is none! Simply talk too the Divine as if he/she were your best friend... because in reality God is your best friend; perhaps the best friend you will ever have. Share your thoughts, feelings and desires... and then simply trust that all things will work out in a perfect way. Act as if though someone greater than yourself has your back. And you will be greatly surprised by what happens next.

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