Monday, July 21, 2014


    There are people in this world who always want second chances, even when they have intentionally hurt someone else. Yet, they are never willing to ever give a second chance to anyone who might ask them for such a favor. This is because their ego always tells them that you are not very bright, and will probably fall for the same game all over again... Yet if someone makes an honest mistake in their presence, ego tells them to never forgive because the other person has greatly betrayed them and is is not worthy to ever be spoken to again. If you know someone like this, don't wear yourself out knocking on their door trying to be reasonable or crying for forgiveness; they were never your friend to begin with and now the final curtain has been closed on their emotional charade. Don't feed their feeble ego with your sincerity... feed your own well being instead by forgiving yourself and walking away.

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