Thursday, June 12, 2014

THE CRYSTAL SKULL - A Metaphysical Experiment

    The crystal skull is said to be a very powerful, metaphysical tool for healing and meditation. Today we will try an experiment; I have done Reiki on the photo of the Crystal skull below, with intent to bring mental clarity and healing to all who focus upon it. The instructions are as follows:

*If you need clarity for a situation in your life, pose the question to the universe or you higher power. Then gaze at the picture of the skull and allow your mind to relax... See if the answer comes to you immediately or in a few days.

*If you need healing of any kind, (mental, physical or spiritual,) gaze at the picture of the skull... relax your mind and just draw the healing energies into yourself.

For either exercise, you may gaze at or meditate upon the skull for as long as you feel the need to; there is no time limit here.

Please leave comments or email me with your results!

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