Monday, June 16, 2014


    I feel that there are a number of people who need to hear this particular message today:  In the role of life, there are two kinds of people... those who need saving and those who try to save them. Sadly, it always seems that the person doing the saving has the life energy drained out of them, and many times even goes to an early grave. This of course, does not apply to those cases where the person needing saving actually turns their life around and becomes a productive member of society. It does however, apply to those cases where the person being saved does not wish to be helped. They may make small changes here and there or even promise to get their lives on track; but they never do. Thus, they slowly drain all hope and all life away from the person who is sincerely trying to help them make a better life for themselves.

    If you're in a situation like this today, perhaps it is time to think about yourself. Is it worth the price to make yourself physically ill and possibly meet with a premature death; while the troubled soul lives on and continues to make the same bad choices they made all their lives? It is not an easy thing to think about, especially when we see great potential in someone and truly care about them. But sometimes, we have to save ourselves by cutting ties with sinking ships that threaten to take us under with them, and possibly be the only real victim in the tragedy.

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