Monday, March 17, 2014


    I was told by a number of religious folks that a great many things were spiritually bad for me. They told me to never mess with Tarot cards because they were the devil's picture book. But then I started reading them and it has helped a great many people. I was told to never use a Ouija Board because evil spirits would come through them and harass me. So I visited a number of very haunted places with a Ouija Board, and the thing never even worked! I was told to never have an image of a Pagan God or Goddess in my house because demons hung around them, and bad things would happen to me. I have since then acquired a statue of the Moon Goddess, and I think my luck has actually changed for the better since I've owned it! The only thing that can truly harm us spiritually in this world is our own negative beliefs. Don't believe everything you hear, but tests every theory and make sure that it is really true... because most of it will not be!

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