Thursday, February 6, 2014


    I am happy to announce that I will have a new poetry book coming out soon! The title of my latest tome will be, Corridors at Dusk.. The poems in this collection harken back to my humble beginnings as a poet; when once I walked the abandoned walkways of an old mall where I used to live and compose melancholy poetry on scraps of paper. Life was changing in those days, and it was bitter sweet for sure. But it was a highly creative time and a time I would not change for anything. This is the poetry book I wanted to write then, but is coming to life now.. many years later. Some of the poems in this book are old, others are new and a nod to that time of rebirth in my life. I hope once it is released, you will all take the time to browse through what was born in those corridors at dusk at a time when creativity was new and raw with emotion!

-Cover sample courtesy of October Tree Books-

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