Friday, January 31, 2014


    I've been doing a lot of readings lately for people who have been hurt or abandoned by fake friends, companions and relationships. It seems to be overwhelmingly popular these days to be self centered, uncaring and ready to take off on someone at a half second's notice... It is a scary trend to see emerging on the scene in the human race; and it sometimes makes me wonder where we are all headed. This is just not something that is happening in the United States, but all over Europe and every country of the world. What happens when 99.9% of the people have adopted this mindset? What happens when our doctors, lawyers, school teachers and care givers become self absorbed pod people with no care for anyone but themselves? What happens to marriage, the family and true friends if this way of being continues to spread throughout the world? It's a scary prospect to consider and hopefully we get a grip on ourselves as human beings and stop this popular fake/selfish way of being and doing now!

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