Tuesday, December 10, 2013


    Imagine this: You find out after all these years that Santa Claus is real. He's ticked off and now believes that the entire human race is naughty and plans to make us pay. Santa can visit every household on earth in a single night, and he plans do so and kill us all on Christmas Eve! Think about that... if Santa was a bad guy, he could wipe out the entire human race in one night!!!!

    So anyway, Santa is making his rounds... there's a state of emergency world wide. Old Saint Nick is eternal, indestructible and no one can figure out a way to stop him. And oh yeah, he's big and kind of scary looking; not the jolly old elf we've come to know and love by any means!

   So during all this mayhem, how do you spend your Christmas Eve?

   A. Waiting for Santa to come and give you the gift of death

   B. Running for your life

   C. Arming yourself to the teeth and hoping you could stop Santa

   D. Eating Christmas cookies and drinking Egg Nog and pretending everything is alright

   E. None of the above; all these options stink and you make your own plan


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