Tuesday, December 24, 2013


    Many people have referred to the evening of December 24th as the night of nights; and in many ways they just might be right. Tis the eve of the birth of the Christ Child upon the earth, where man stumbled in darkness and had lost his way. But then that mysterious star appeared in the heavens and came to rest over a stable where the anointed messenger was born.

    In Metaphysics, the rising of the Christmas Star is the rising of your own consciousness. It is light being shed upon your thoughts that brings you a greater understanding of who you truly are. And who you truly are is the Christ child laying in the manger surrounded by the ethereal majesty of Heaven. Jesus was the son of God, but so are you! The Christ is the Spirit of God that filled and  expressed itself through Jesus as he grew in maturity and stature. That same Christ Spirit is within you, it is who you really are... it is the Divine spark within you.

    You do not have to be a Christian to benefit from the good news of the Christmas message; the Divine spark is within us all! Let the Christmas Star rise in your consciousness on this night of nights and take this Divine revelation into the New Year with you. You are a child of God and you do have the spiritual power and resources to change your life for the better. It matters not if you are alone this Holiday season or short on money or even depressed... What matters most at this moment is that the Christmas Star hovers over your personage and reminds you that God is with, in you and around you. And with God... nothing is impossible!

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