Thursday, November 14, 2013


    Many people wish to communicate with the angels, but have no clue how to proceed with such things. Here are a couple of simple ways in which you can speak with the angels:

Meditation- To begin this process, first say a simple prayer in your own word, expressing your desire to hear from the angels. Then, just relax, breath deep, still your mind and relax your body. Once you are relaxed, just begin to address the angels. With this technique, you will sometimes have visions or even hear what sounds like an audible voice. But the most common way that the angels will communicate with you during meditation is through flashes of intuition, images and symbols within the minds eye or just a sudden knowing. It helps during this process to be in a quiet place, light candles and burn incense, (if you are an incense person)... and perhaps have a few angel articles around you; small statues, pictures etc..

Oracle cards- Angel oracle cards are everywhere these days. You can pick up a set in any bookstore or even online. Do some research and find out what deck will suite you the best. Some decks have very simple messages in them, others are more complex. When you get your deck, just sit in a quite place, much like in meditation. Have the candles, incense if you like and angel articles. During this process, you can even play some angelic music in the background to help create an atmosphere infused with angelic energies. Then, shuffle your cards and begin to ask questions. Don't be discouraged if the cards you pick at first do not line up with your questions... With a little practice, you will be amazed at how the cards are always right on and it will be like your having a conversation with the angels through the cards.... and you indeed will be!

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