Monday, November 18, 2013


    There are people in everyone's life that are takers. Those who only come around when they need something or have nowhere else to go. There are those who are always crying out for help and in need of rescue. There are those who lean on us, almost a little too hard; to the point where it causes stress in our lives. And yet, when we are in need of a friend, a shoulder to lean on or a helping hand... the air goes eerily silent.

    It is our spiritual duty to help those in need, and it is the right thing to do to be there for others. But when we are being taken advantage of over and over again, it is not wrong to stop walking through fire for those who never take a step toward us when we need their help. Every relationship is a give and take, but when it becomes only a take... is it truly a relationship?

    The universe will never frown upon us for not letting others use us for their own selfish needs.

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