Thursday, September 5, 2013


    So last night, I watched the latest Rob Zombie movie, The Lords of Salem, on Pay per view. I had high hopes for this movie because as usual, the preview looked really good. Getting into the movie, I noticed it had a late 1970's/early mid eighties feel to it. I could appreciate that someone would want to give their movie a more vintage horror feel; but in the end, the story just didn't make the grade. In all honesty, the script seemed to be written by someone who had a case of writers block and just forced the idea out onto the page. The Lords of Salem tried hard to be nightmarish, but in the end just ended up being very anti-climactic. It was one of those movies where you kept waiting for something to happen, but it never delivered the knock out punch. The concept had potential but was not executed in a way that made the movie memorable... Sadly, I have to say that The Lords of Salem was just okay but leaned more to the dull side.

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