Tuesday, September 3, 2013


    Murder, rape, terrorist attempts to kill thousands, the use of chemical weapons: What posses a human being to devise such plans and then carry them out? I often wonder what makes it so difficult for some people to live in peace and respect others. Do not some people understand that we all reap what we sow. If we sow violence, we will reap violence, if we sow death, then death we shall reap. It never ends well for those individuals who seek to do harm to others. How many convicted killers have been sentenced to a life in prison, only to perish of some painful, terminal disease just years after being sentenced. No one is beyond the reach of karma. And those who seek to murder millions in the name of God; do they not understand the consequences of their actions? I do not believe in a literal hell, but then again I am quite sure that the rewards of the murderer are not the same as the monk after death. I certainly would not want to be the terrorist or insane dictator committing genocide and witness what they will see upon leaving the physical body. There are many people in the world today that need to think before they act. They need to realize that money and power will not save them in the end. Warped man made religions and military might will not cause them to escape the cosmic law of karma... In the words of Christ, "they know not what they do."
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