Tuesday, September 10, 2013


    Equinox of The Dead features two classic tales of the zombie apocalypse. There are no supermen or clever survivalists within these pages; only average human beings who must fight for their lives as hordes of the living dead begin to converge upon the earth. Stories include; WATCHING THE WORLD END, which takes us into the home of Ben Matthews, a paraplegic, as he witnesses the beginning of a ghastly Armageddon through televised news casts. As the reports grow more and more horrific, panic begins to set in; but with phone lines down and no way to call for help, Ben’s only hope is to pray that the undead terror will bypass his area . . . But then the horror begins to unfold, right outside of his own front door. UNDER A BERRY BLUE SKY shows that love can drive us to do strange things, even during a zombie apocalypse.
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