Monday, August 5, 2013


    The message of being humble is prevalent throughout all of the worlds religions and spiritual paths. To be humble does not mean that we lay down and become a mud mat for the world to walk on; but rather to be humble and open to the powerful energies of the Divine to work wonders in our lives. When we become egotistic, self centered or view our selves as being above others, we can block the flow of the Universal Spirit in our lives. God is Life, and without that Life flowing to and through us, circumstances will begin to decay and spiral out of control. It is like a light trying to illuminate a room without being plugged into the source that gives it power. Be open, be self aware but never raise yourself so high above everyone else that you even ascend beyond the very mind of God. For it is then that your universe will begin to implode and crumble. Hence the old proverb; pride goeth before a fall.

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