Thursday, May 23, 2013


    How many of you are familiar with the old children's show Blue's Clues? You know, the one where the blue dog would leave clues around the house so that her friend Steve could figure out what she wanted to do today. The Star of the show was Steve Burns and he seemed quite the nerd to us adults as he ran around his house singing songs and doing dances when the mail came.

   But alas, Steve grew older and eventually left the show and for years, no one knew what happened to him. It turned out that he was pursuing a career in music and released an album entitled, Songs for Dustmites. Songs for Dustmites is actually an impressive album and one of my favorites to jam now and then. Steve sings well, the tunes are catchy and the music is well played. So today, I invite each of you to perhaps visit Youtube  and listen to some of Steve Burns' music... You might even find yourself dancing to it while you get the mail!


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