Tuesday, April 16, 2013


    There are some ideas about the Divine Spirit, heaven, hell and the meaning of life that just seem out of character for a being that is supposed to be total and unconditional love. Could it really be that in the Bible, God said, "you shall not kill." And then turned around and told the Jewish people to slaughter all of the people of the promised land that he swore to give them? Did God really tell the Israelites to even kill the infants of those people by smashing them against a stone? Would an all loving God burn someone alive for all eternity in a lake of fire just because that person chose, "the wrong religion?" Does God really favor some people and some religions more than  others as some say? This list could go on and on, but you get the picture. Does not all this seem like man making God in his image and giving the Divine some of his less than perfect traits? What fearful or unnerving beliefs do you have about the Divine that may be man made instead of heaven sent?

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  1. I Do not believe the God of the Jews and Jesus are the same. I like your comment believe that God was as bad as the Gods he replaced. I BELIEVE A RIFT BETWEEN TWO BROTHERS was the cause of that war. When moses was sent in to the desert, he in essence was saved by the very people he slaughtered under his God. That took place while the Annunaki were in charge.Icould go on but that would require quite some space.