Friday, April 19, 2013


    For the last two evenings I have been meditating outside at nightfall and working with the nocturnal energies. This practice is somewhat like Tai Chi as I let the energies pass through me and I draw them into my own energy field to cleanse me of any blockages. It is such a peaceful feeling to become one with the twilight as the serenity of night time settles over the countryside. If any of you are energy healers, try making up your own nocturnal sessions in the calm of the evening shade and notice how it makes you feel. Draw in the energy of the night, moon and stars; it is an energy that has a feeling like no other. Even if you are not adept at working with energy, just go outside at night and breath in the serenity... take it into your mind, body and spirit and let it swirl within you and cleanse you of all fear, worry, negativity and blockages. You can even concentrate this energy into any part of your body that may need physical healing; there are no limits to this kind of practice...


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