Thursday, April 4, 2013


    Yep, seems I'm always coming up with ideas for the blog. For those of you who have followed me from the beginning, you know the blog started out as, THE MIND'S EYE; and so it is to that original form that we return.

     From the beginning I wanted the blog to be a place of creativity, spirituality and just whatever else floated through my "mind's eye." But being one that is so interested in spiritual things and the paranormal, it seems I always return to those elements on the blog. But now in coming full circle with this blogging thing, I just feel that I want to gently push the blog back into its original direction. Of course, the spiritual and the paranormal will always be a part of THE MIND'S EYE, but I also want to give the topics room to breath.

     Other than being a very spiritual person, I also like to dip my toes into other things as well. Most of you know that I am an author, and my books range from metaphysical topics to poetry and horror. The general consensus is that most folks can't wrap their minds around a person who ventures into so many genres at one time... But to heck with the consensus! I say, here I am... and many of you have wrapped your minds around it from the beginning and have supported whatever is born of the muse... and I thank you all for that :-) Oh, and may I also say at this point that I am very slowly working on a music album. More reports on that later though...

     So welcome, or rather, welcome back to the MIND'S EYE; a place that is spiritual, paranormal, poetic and just plain artsy and strange... And I promise I'll try not to fudge with the blog anymore after this; but I can't guarantee that :-)


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