Tuesday, March 12, 2013


     There are those who rule with selfish intent, and there are those who live with honest intentions. When those who rule with selfish intent begin to oppress, destroy, lie and manipulate; it is time for those who are honest to bond together and make sure that those who are deceitful are removed from the place of power. This is not done with war, hatred and weapons of mass destruction. But rather it is done in wisdom and peace. The truly wise person will use his voice for change; the truly wise leader will make sure that there are laws that ensure that change is possible when it is needed. There need not be bloodshed, war and upheavel. There need not be oppression, greed and dishonest gain for the chosen few. There need not be the exchange of billions of dollars between national leaders while the common man and woman suffer lack and hardship. There need only be wisdom, love  and kindness... then all else would fall into place.


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