Monday, March 18, 2013


    Don't try to fit the Divine Spirit into your ideas and concepts. God is bigger than our limited understanding, and spirituality is a relationship, not a classroom of dogmas and opinions. Would it be a fair assessment if no one ever got to know you, yet made all kinds of broad statements about what your personality were like? Don't go by rule books, religions or popular views. Don't even go with your own colored opinions on what God might be like... Instead, meditate, pray, have a conversation and ask questions. You may very well be surprised at how the answers will come! This journey on the spiritual path is interactive and a partnership. The one who set the journey in motion need not be shrouded in mystery, fear and complete non-understanding. Although we may not be able to ascertain all the answers from our finite perspective at this time; we can gather certain facts and information that can bring us a lifetime of peace and comfort. Don't be satisfied just to "know about" the Divine, but seek to know it personally. There is a big difference between the two.

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