Tuesday, January 15, 2013


     I use to get into all of the complex ideas of spirituality; always reading, studying and striving. All this is fine of course... but then one day I realized something. The spiritual goal for many of us is to gain health of mind, body and spirit and also attain inner peace. Of course, there are other goals and ideals attached to the spiritual path, but for a lot of people, the big four above are the main reasons for practicing any higher way of thinking and being. But if you really think about it, peace is the most important of these things to obtain. When we have inner peace, it promotes health and well being; for we know that stress and anxiety are the main causes if most diseases in the human body. If we have inner peace, we can face anything that might come our way in life and not be tossed to and fro by depression, nervousness and worry. The benefits of inner peace are many and far reaching. Thus I have come to understand that spirituality should not be overly complex, but rather it should be warm, comforting and even cozy. It should draw us in like the golden light of a candle, and just give us that feeling of ease and relaxation. Then, when we reach the place where we can carry that feeling with us every day, wherever we may go... we will have achieved a level of inner peace that will benefit us in many, many ways.

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