Thursday, January 17, 2013


    Most often, we try to connect with God through books or the wisdom of a teacher. But ultimately, we connect with God through our hearts and minds. If your sitting in your living room at night, watching the news, and you happen to glance out of the window and think about God... then God is there and you have made contact. If you happen to be going about your busy day, and pause for a moment to admire a colorful sunset... then you have connected with God. For when you think of God, or experience something beautiful and tranquil; then God is right there with you.

You are a living, spiritual being... and it is your consciousness, heart and soul that connects with the Divine. That living connection is not made with inanimate objects such as books, statues or even the words of another. Although these things can sometimes aid us in our journey, they are but tools not the masters.

(This thought came to me during meditation last night, and I wanted to share it on the blog. Although I am not doing justice in translating the powerful way in which it came to me at that moment... the basic idea is there.)


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