Friday, January 4, 2013


    If you have a stubborn problem in your life, try this technique: Tell yourself that you are going to give the problem a spiritual treatment and then empty the challenge from your mind... even for a few minutes. Then concentrate on some positive aspect of the Divine. Two very popular aspects to meditate are; "God is Love," and "God is with me."

     As you resite these positive aspects to yourself, think about what they really mean. For example, if God is really love, what does that mean in relation to you? And if this great being who is love is with you, how does that change the circumstances in your life? Remember also that God is not the angry, negative being that religion has made him out to be... God is Spirit, God is Truth and God is pure unconditional Love. Once you begin to rise in consciousness and realize the truth about God and that you are God's very own child... then stubborn problems will begin to fall away, and suddenly you realize that divine truth is a real game changer.




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