Wednesday, December 12, 2012


     So after a short break, I have gotten back into the ring and am once again doing psychic readings. This has been a passion of mine since 1994 when I first began to read the runes. Individuls who may be interested in contacting me for a reading can find my contact information in the Psychic Reading and Book Information column at the far right of the blog page.

    My background and experience in the psychic realm are as follows: At a very young age I was able to pick up on people's thoughts and even tell what would happen to them in certain situations. At the age of twelve, I began to see spirits and angels and communicate with these ethereal beings. In 1994 I became interested in working with the runes and in late 1995 began to do readings for people in my area. I have always been connected to the angelic realm and in 1996 began to also do angel readings for people. Over the years I have done readings via telephone and email. I am a very honest and ethical reader and have always received positive feedback from those I have read for.
I am also a published author and have several metaphysical books to my credit including; The Metaphysical Power of The Runes, An Angel Came Down and Taking Up The Runes.

I am a certified Psychic Spiritualist Minister through the Esoteric Interfaith Church in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania and am also certified in Spirit and Angel contact and Tarot reading through the Mind Body Healing Center in Costa Mesa, California. Interesting Huh? :-)

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