Sunday, December 23, 2012


    Anything is possible and you can witness more spiritual phenomena in your life. The keys to opening the door to the flow of spirit is this: Believe, expect, meditate on the subject and practice your personal spirituality daily. In order to see more manifestations of spirit in your daily life, you must charge yourself and the atmosphere around you with spiritual energy. Your mindset is also very important; meaning that the practice and study of spiritual things each day, (even for a few minutes a day,) will help you to reach the state of mind that operating in the realm of the spirit is a natural thing for you to do. The more at home you feel in the spiritual realm, the more easy it becomes to have supernatural manifestations such as healings, angelic visitations, psychic insights, communicating with deceased loved ones and much more. Your native environment is the world of the spirit, so why should you not be able to partake of and benefit from its gifts and power?

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