Wednesday, December 19, 2012


    Most times when you make the decision to live your life in a more spiritual way, a thousand things will rise up and try to prevent you. Life will suddenly become more busy, circumstances will go from bad to worse, your own thoughts will become flooded with doubts, unbelief and fear, people around you may hear about it and start to criticize, put you down or make off colored jokes about it. And sometimes you will see other "spiritual" people doing or saying some really crazy things and you will think, "is that what I will become if I continue along this path?"

    There seems to be some mysterious force that throws up every roadblock imaginable once a person decides to walk a more spiritual path. But when these things happen, keep persevering. These challenges and distractions do not last forever, and when they eventually disappear, you find that you are a more peaceful and powerful person. Let nothing hinder you from finding that divine spark within because once you find it, your life will never be the same.

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  1. Hi, Paul! Just a reminder today is the day you should post your Next Big Thing Blog Hop post . . . Hoping you didn't forget! Your posts are always enlightening and enjoyable.