Friday, November 16, 2012


    "Cast off fear and anxiety; do you not know that we walk with you at all times. The love and power that surrounds you is far beyond your comprehension. And God is not far off, the vail that separates the worlds is so very thin. You may not be able to see beyond it with the physical eye but heaven is as close as your next breath. Live your days in peace and rest at night in the serene comfort that your angels are always encamped round' about you. Those who are for you are far greater than any challenge that might befall you. Even death is but a doorway that leads the soul back to the land of its origin. To think of such prospects as dying may fill you with great fear, but in the end you will look upon it as a something that was very easily overcome. There is truly never any reason to fear whatsoever... you are safe, loved and protected at all times."


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