Tuesday, November 27, 2012


   In my personal spiritual journey, I have noticed something that I believe is very important. And that is; when I try to manifest something or obtain healing through spiritual means, it seems to come to me more quickly, faster and easily if I turn the issue over to a power higher than myself. I may entrust it to God, the angels or some Saint or ascended master; either way, it seems to have very positive results. There seems to be quite a difference in the outcome, (for me anyway,) between this method and perhaps some other techniques that involve my own personal will power, energy or elaborate magical ritual that tries to influence the universe. Perhaps there is something to the old saying, "let go and let God." Maybe most of us struggle with the idea of manfistation and healing because we get in our own way and try to "make" things happen by our own power. Perhaps we need to get out of our own way and hand the details of our needs over to a higher power that is wiser than ourselves... This seems to be the key ingredient that I have stumbled upon anyhow. Maybe it is the key that will unlock the door for some of you as well.

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