Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Sam Jordan drove down the barren highway as the dawn began to break over the horizon. The sun inched over the distant hills, sending a splash of color across the October sky. It was three days before Halloween, and Sam hoped that the nightmare world he was now living in would return to normal after the passing of the day that celebrated the macabre. He watched intently as the sun began to climb higher into the heavens, and then turned the hazy yellow color that it had always turned since the earthquakes hit. The sky turned grey and dark, like they sometimes did on dismal overcast days. The black clouds with fiery linings then began to crowd the atmosphere and the cold winds began to blow. It looked as if the world was dying and Sam wondered if this was perhaps the end of time.

   It had all started about three weeks ago when there were massive earthquakes being reported from all over the world. There were quakes in places that never had earthquakes before; then there was one colossal quake that shook the entire globe. Everyone thought that this was the moment that the doomsday prophets had been speaking of for so long. Many expected that there would be tidal waves, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions as the earth underwent a major pole shift. But the poles never shifted, and the extinction level events never took place, at least not in the way that everyone thought they would. Everyone seemed to breathe a collective sigh of relief when the termed Globe Quake didn’t send all of humanity the way of the dinosaurs. But then something perhaps even more horrible transpired; the ground split open and the dead began to rise from their long buried tombs.

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