Tuesday, October 23, 2012


    Earthquakes rock the world, the sun turns a pale yellow and strange weather patterns ensue. The inhabitants of planet earth believe that the apocalypse is near; but the end of the world does not occur in a way in which anyone would suspect. When the ground opens up and the corpses of the dead rise up and begin to feed on the living, a new kind of terror is born upon the dying earth.
    In the midst of all the horror, Sam Jordan and his wife Angel travel the desolate roads in order to take refuge with Sam's family in Greenville, New York. But upon arriving home, the dead are not the only threat as Sam's abusive father, Willard, begins to place increasing demands upon his trapped family. As a religious fanatic, Willard believes that an event known as the rapture will occur at any moment; thus he demands that his family convert to his religion or be exiled into the dismal world outside where the dead await their next feast of human flesh. The Jordan household then becomes a prison where reason is abandon and freedom of choice is not an option for any who may wish to dwell there.
"I am a big fan of the zombie genre; but when I wrote the Rapture of Willard, I wanted to give it a different kind of feel. I didn't want to make it about the typical group of survivors or military personnel trying to rebuild society after the zombie apocalypse. I wanted to trap the reader behind barricaded doors with the characters to experience the events that transpire there. I also didn't want the zombies to be so much in your face as I wanted them to be a looming threat whose presence is felt throughout the story. There has been so much done and so much repeated in the genre, that I just wanted to give a fresh spin that hopefully the reader will enjoy. I'm a stickler when it comes to zombie stories; I want it to have a certain kind of feel. So hopefully I succeeded here in creating a story that will be fun and suspenseful for the audience but also give them that impending doom kind of zombie tale."  Paul James Caiden





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