Tuesday, August 7, 2012



Leaves on the cobblestone

making music with the autumn wind.

Tiny footfalls that scuttle by

like phantom children at play-

I open my awareness and take in their song-

and in gratitude, they open their world to me.

The symphony of the wind

carries their spirits from perched limbs

and sets them free into a season

that is less cluttered with psychic debris.

The breath of nature permeates the atmosphere

and my eyes do take note

of the tiniest transformation in the changing world.

Entranced by the crescent moon

as it hovers in the late day sky-

birds in formation flee the coming cold

and my heart soars with them

as they glide upon the gusty gales.

A single raindrop then forms

in the corner of my eye,

and I notice that I am the only one

who is lost in the reverie of this moment…

And I ask myself with shame,

why are those around me so blind?

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