Tuesday, May 15, 2012


     If there is but one true religion, what becomes of all of the good people who follow a different path? If it be true that all those who do not follow a certain spiritual philosophy will be banished to a lake of fire; then why did the Great Divine cause certain individuals to be born in various cultures that hold differing religious beliefs? If this were the case, then predestination as taught by John Calvin would be a ghastly reality. And this would naturally make humankind nothing more than play things in which some cosmic chess player uses as he wishes in a cruel game. But simple logic will tell us that God is far beyond our petty human ways. The warped religious ideas that are dreamed up by man are from being the thoughts of the Divine.... and for this, we should all be very grateful indeed.

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  1. Good post. While I'm open to the idea of a higher form of consciousness, one that even perhaps created and guides the workings of the universe, the concepts of god and religion as defined by the standard religions do not hold up to logical scrutiny.