Thursday, April 12, 2012


     What's new on this end of the world? Well, I'm finishing up a Psychic Counseling course this week, and then I will be moving on with the book. I thought perhaps I could do both in a day, but time got too crowded; so I decided to finish the course first. I'm thinking in the future I may start my own psychic reading service... With all the frauds out there, maybe a bit of honesty would be a good thing in the market. So that's it, lots of work on this end... that's why the profound statements have been slim on the But I have been thinking of making the blog a little more down to earth anyway. The metaphysical and profound will of course always be a part of the blog when those thunderous spiritual thoughts hit me; but straining the brian on some days to squeeze one out can be a prelude to a headache. :-) Have a good one folks...   


  1. Sent off my second novel in hopes it would find a home. So, yes, I'm having a good day so far.