Monday, April 2, 2012


     As many already know, I am big fan of horror movies; zombies in particular. Since the first George Romero film, I was hooked. I always wanted to write a zombie apocalypse novel, and had started one several months ago that got shelved. The project was shelved for a couple of reasons, one of which is that it is hard to fill an entire book with zombie ideas that have not been done to death. But then an idea hit me, why not return to my writing roots of short stories and do an anthology of the undead. This way, I could condense the best of my most original ideas into something that is perhaps more fresh and fun in the genre. Thus was born a new project, Equinox Of The Dead... Equinox will be composed of short zombie tales that will take place on either the spring or autumn equinox, hence the title. These stories will be different than other zombie epics because they will focus more on certain individuals and how they deal with or experience the zombie apocalypse. For instance, one of the stories is entitled, Watching The World End: This particular story will focus on a man in a wheel chair who witnesses the zombie apocalypse by what he sees on TV, and what transpires right outside of his window. I think focusing on unique characters and their mindsets during the undead invasion will be both fun and interesting. Equinox should be out by very late summer, early fall.... just in time for Halloween!