Friday, March 2, 2012

Personal Information On The Web

    We all have public profiles on the web for one reason or another. Facebook is among the most popular sites on the web where people re-connect with old friends or promote themselves as a public figure. But this morning I ask, is it wise to put every thought that crosses our minds on such sites? Is it a good idea to let the world know where we live, and post our every move throughout the day on such a public forum? I know that there are privacy settings, but many people do not use such safety features and advertise their lives like it was the Truman show. I am all for the freedom of speech and expression; but is it safe  or even healthy to let the world gaze into your life and mind at any time they wish? We have seen problems with internet stalkers arise from such public sites, and many companies will not even hire an individual based on what is displayed on their Facebook page. I am not saying it is either right or wrong to post our entire lives on the internet... But does the world really need to know what we had for dinner last night, what kind of man or woman we prefer and how hard somene partied over the weekend? When is too much information too much information on the web?

1 comment:

  1. Information overload. Then we rely on computer programs to filter the information, thus missing out on what we were looking for when we made friends in the first place.