Monday, March 19, 2012

On Immortality

     If there is no life after death, then every religion on the planet has been wrong. Could mankind have been that delusional throughout the centuries? Could we have made up this fairytale and fooled ourselves into believing it is true? Could so many cultures, separated by time and oceans have come up with this same fantasy of man's immortality? There are those who do not believe in such concepts; but I believe that man has this notion of eternity because the Divine has planted within his soul the dream and reality of life everlasting.


  1. A fragment of an imagination or a dream- given every possible reality with no bias of what IS- pure experiment of taking the same entity and reproducing it exponentially- with in a hyperrealistic universal (ONE(s) consciousness- -in different places of time and space producing different stretches and walks of life- colors of shifting shapes continuously shifting and reproducing- expanding and contracting- some might call it a fractal in respects of expanding thought of which could define universes-- What was the experiment- if you take the exact same thing and reproduce it with in an through out different conductors-- is it all the same thing- just as -is it, all the same day are we a mere thought within or a dream--and is it the same moment of when it all began- they say dreams only last for about a second --did it ever really begin-- if it never began then does ever end?

    1. I like your wording BunqCraez... They could also be shaped into a great mystical poem.