Thursday, March 15, 2012


      In a world of instant gratification, is it any wonder we have a form of spirituality without morality. We look to manifest our material desires while believing that the universe is impartial to our actions. We believe that we can conduct ourselves in any manner that we like, and we will still be rewarded if we just focus with enough intent. This seems to be a microwave spirituality, for it matters not what the content of our meal is, it will be hot and ready within minutes… and that is all that counts. We have lost sight of the spiritual path being a lifelong pursuit in which we discipline ourselves to be better individuals. We think not where we will end up in time and eternity by not practicing the presence of love, patients and kindness. But rather we think only of the here and now, and what possessions we wish to hold next; and we will crush anyone who gets in our way… Is this really what the spiritual path was meant to be?

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