Monday, March 12, 2012

Here Is The News... Brought To You Buy...

     Every morning when I awaken and look at the new, it is riddled with death, crime and war. Crooked politicians smile and wave while other crooked politicians expose their commrad's lies. Gas and food prices continue to rise and no one seems to desire to stop the insanity by using our resources here at home. One of the headlines this morning even tells us that the experts are warning us that the risk of heart attack increases when we set our clocks forward in the spring. It appears that even our clocks have serious health risks these days. Then the commercials come on, all the bad news brought to us by pharmaceutical companies who show us what diseases are on the rise and why we need their pill. Is it any wonder why the minds of many people are in a dark place?

     We need a spiritual revelotion on planet earth; a revolution of prayer, common sense and doing the right thing. When will all of the good and honest people rise up and begin to take the wise and peaceful steps necessary to stop the insanity, war and fear in our world?

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