Monday, March 5, 2012

Contemplating The Divine

     In contemplating the existence of the Divine, we must realize that how we view the subject in question will directly influence our emotional life. If we see the Divine as angry and judgmental, we will be apt to live our lives in fear and dread. We will in this case, always have a looming fear of the burning lake of fire, hence finding no peace or comfort in the concept of God. But what if our God is too loving? What if all rewards in the afterlife are the same no matter how we live our lives? Could this not possibly lead to a mindset that even if we commit murder or some such heinous act that it is perfectly alright in the eyes of Divinity?

     What if our God is just an impersonal energy that has no self-consciousness or awareness? Might we also have a loosening of morals because we will not have to render an account of our actions to anyone at the end of our lives? And might we also then begin to feel alone in the universe and give into depression and feelings of hopelessness? If we examine the world around us closely, we will find that traces of all of the above are alive and well in society today. I have seen a great many people stand up and make intelligent and even angry arguments for their impersonal God. But then later on, they have all surfaced with feelings of loneliness and a pointless existence. After all, returning to the infinite energy source and just being like the wind, conscious of nothing, seems a bleak and empty eternity for such individuals. What might we find out about ourselves when we contemplate our own ideas about the Divine?

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