Tuesday, March 27, 2012


     In a society that is supposed to be more technologically advance, more scientific and even more enlightened on some issues, why is it that we see so much crime, war and violence? Why does hatred run wild and high ranking political officials live in such states of dishonesty and greed? One would think that man was digressing rather than progressing if we were to observe his actions in a controlled laboratory study. These conditions exist because man has lost his way, he has separated himself from his spiritual source and has tried to govern himself as his own deity. When we have no relationship with the higher intelligence, we are like plants with no roots, hence we cannot draw nourishment from the earth which sustains us. If humanity would reach out and take hold of the hand that ultimately gave him being, and open his soul to that higher soul; we would see a vast difference in our behavior. But the challenge in taking this vital step is not to create God in our own image, thus giving birth to a society that persecutes or murders those whose beliefs may differ from our own. The challenges of man are many, but we can begin to conquer them one at a time... if we will but reach back towards the Divine.

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