Thursday, February 16, 2012

We Often Choose Our Friends For The Wrong Reasons

     Who would you rather have as a friend in life; the wealthy man who looks good in photos, has made a name for himself but lacks depth of Character. Or... the poor man, who lives in a small house, works 9 to 5 and can hardly make ends meet; but will offer you kindness, compassion and loyalty. It is strange that some people will choose to be companions with good looks, money, fame and popularity rather than someone who is authentic and caring.


  1. What is it then they use to determine value? True worth is not the pricetag of the car you drive, but the quality of the life you lead. That is not to say if an individual is driven in career, hence materialisticaly wealthy, they have no worth. Look closely at a person's hwheart regardless of social standing. Are they kind, compassionate, caring, giving, trustworthy? The security of a stable tomorrow is what we leave in our wallet. Memories and character are what is left from the heart. Love has no price tag. Food on the other hand does. From my twisted point of view on life.

  2. And your absolutely correct. Thanks for commenting.