Monday, February 13, 2012

They're Saying Bad Things About You On The Internet

     I received an email last night from a young man who informed me that some folks we're saying some very bad things about me on Twitter... My response to this; To each their own I say, and I bless any indivduals who may wish to hurl rotten eggs my way. After all, this is the internet, and we all know how that can be. Someone once asked me what I thought about all of the rude and vicious comments we often see posted on the world wide web. I told him that if some people needed to let off steam by tapping out a few harsh words on a keyboard, then they should have at it. It is far better to type out a nasty comment then to purchase a gun and take one's aggressions out in a far more heinous manner. When seen in this light, what more can one say about the matter?

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