Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Protect Your Ideas

     Creative ideas are like babies in the womb; they must be protected from the outside world until it is their time to be born, This is why it is never good to talk extensively to others about new inspirations that may come into our minds. When we expose an idea too soon, it can lose mental energies and be robbed of vital nutriants; thus it will die in the womb of our imagination. The same thing holds true for other ventures and dreams that we may have in life. It is best to keep them covered and let them be born at their proper time. It is better to keep a thing in the shadows and build, than to squander its strength in conversation and never produce the product. Sheild your ideas from the outside world until they are strong enough to survive on their own. The dangers are many if they are exposed prematurely.


  1. Hi P.J.,

    While I can understand why someone might want to protect their ideas, I actually disagree with this line of thinking. I have found much help and joy in sharing my "baby" ideas with others. I have had great input and help from those who were able to catch my vision and help me get where I needed to be. If I am too scared or worried about outside influence when it comes to my stories or ideas, I might never be able to share it with anyone. And if I don't share it with anyone, how will I get critical feedback?

    I am a firm believer that God gives us our gifts so we can bless others. And sometimes, we need others to bless us with their gifts so our little "baby" ideas can thrive and grow into mature gifts.

  2. You're right wordrangler, if you have supportive circle then by all means, one should share their ideas if they wish. But the sad reality is that not everyone has that kind of support around them. I just met a man several days ago that said his family members and friends were driving him mad. Apparently he had shared an idea with them and they tore him down. But he wasn't moved by their bad conduct, he just went on and acted on his dream. He is now starting to succeed and they are now angry that he is prospering. Sadly this is the case in many instances with people... When I first shared my passion and dream of writing when I was young, many people who were close to me laughed and asked what I could possibly write about. I suppose it's wise to know your own environment before you let those babies out of the womb.

    Be Blessed