Sunday, January 8, 2012

Taking Up The Runes

     After a break for the holiday season, I have been tapping at the keyboard on a new writing project. I decided that after the break, I wanted to do something short but fun. Seeing how my haiku collections do so well in the e-world, I have decided to do another book of haiku poetry. This one is a bit different as I have taken the viking runes and crafted a haiku for each symbol. I have written a haiku for each rune in the upright position and also for each rune in its reverse position. I have also added a short divinitory meaning to each runic symbol. I am not sure whether I will send this project to any e-publishers or publish it myself. It is a rather abscure work and not exactly lengthy. It is a book that will certainly appeal to those who love both poetry and the runes. So we'll see which publishing direction the project takes upon its soon completion.

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